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Housing Law

Defending tenants where possession is claimed on grounds of unlawful subletting, anti social behaviour or where their tenancy status is in dispute as rent is in dispute because of disrepair in the property or representing tenants when the local authority refuse to recognise them as homeless.

Advising a landlord about his rights to evict a tenant for rent arrears following rent increase.

Advising a landlord about rent increase procedures and representing landlords in the Rent Assessment Panel.

Advising a tenant about suing his landlord for damages for disrepair.

Advising Council tenants on their right to buy the property.


Advising tenants about their right to succeed to tenancy as cohabitants or live in partners of the deceased tenant.

Advising tenants who have been unlawfully evicted to be reinstated into their property by injunction and suing landlord for damages.

Advising landlords about claims made against them by tenants from unlawful eviction.